Manchester Bombing

I am devastated. I know that today isn’t the day that I usually upload, but I felt that I had to share my thoughts and feelings about last night’s events at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I went to university, and lived in Manchester for three years. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world. There is such a sense of community there, everyone is so friendly and inclusive and I’m so honoured that I got the chance to live there and experience that. Hearing the events from last night has affected me so personally, on a different level to any other terrorist attack that I have heard of. I think the fact that it’s a city were I’ve lived, loved and where so many of my friends still live made this attack feel so close to home. I have friends who were in the concert venue last night, and luckily they are all safe and well. My heart sincerely goes out to all of the people affected by this, the ones who have died, the ones who were injuried and their families and friends. My heart also goes out to Ariana Grande, her crew, the members of staff who work at Manchester arena – I can’t even begin to imagine how they all feel. I want to stress that I don’t want to make myself a victim in this situation, I know that I am not. It’s only human for us to feel devastated by this news. I am angry that anyone would do such a thing to a city I love so dearly, and although I don’t live there anymore – I do still consider Manchester my second home – a part of me will always belong there.

I would like to recognise the sense of community that Manchester has shown since this attack; hotels opened their doors to children and victims, taxi companies offered free rides home to those who were stranded, bars and cafés offered people a place to go and get free hot drinks, people opened up their homes for strangers. This is the Manchester that I know and love. These are the values we should all show in our lives – not just when something so devastating happens, but every day. We need to show these terrorists that we are stronger together than they can ever be, and not let the change our lives. I just want to commend everyone who did these kind acts to help those affected, and I’d also like to commend the hard work of all of the emergency services.

Again, I’d like to express my deepest of sympathy to anyone affected by this attack. Please be kind to everyone – and stand strong. Thank you for letting me share my views on this issue – this is the only way I thought I could try and coherently explain some of my thoughts and feelings. Stay safe – and I will return to my usual posting schedule – my next post will be up on Sunday at 5pm. Much love ❤️


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