Hall Hill Farm

Hi everyone, this week my friend and I visited Hall Hill Farm near Lanchester, Durham and had such a good day. If you’re ever close by – I highly recommend visiting, and if you live further away, then check out if there is anything similar close to you. It’s a brilliant family day out and kids will love it – and it’s really inexpensive for a day full of fun too!

There are so many things to do there you could literally spend the whole day. You can buy feed for the animals – bottle feed lambs – hold guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks – go on tractor rides – ride donkeys (sadly this was only for children so I didn’t get to do this) – play mini golf – play in their play area – have a picnic in their picnic area, or buy food in the café – and there are so many other fun things to do, it would be so easy to spend a whole day there. This blogpost will be mostly photos of our day and the things you can do at Hall Hill Farm, so please enjoy.


Sleeping Piglets!!!




Mini Golf (which I won)
Your Boy Bradley on a Tractor Ride


I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post – I know I went a little overboard on photos but I did delete so many! There are just so many things to see and do that I couldn’t help taking so many photos to share with you all! If you’re in the Durham area, make sure to check out Hall Hill Farm (especially if you have kids – they will love it – I have taken my niece before and she loves it). Follow my blog to get a notification every time I upload, and I hope to see you here again soon. Bye friends.


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