Amazing No Bake Malteser Slices

Hi friends! This week, I’ve been in the kitchen making some sweet treats. I know that a lot of people loved my triple chocolate cookies recipe- if you didn’t see it, check it out here- and I hope you love this recipe just as much! For those of you that don’t know, I work in a café- and someone I work with made these amazing Malteser slices, and I just had to try them for myself- thanks for the inspiration Anita! Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

You Will Need:

Maltesers – 1 Big Bag

Digestive Biscuits – 250g

Milk Chocolate – about 200g

White Chocolate (or milk chocolate- or anything you prefer) I used 3 big bars (about 300g)

Butter – 100g

Golden Syrup – 4 Tablespoons




First, line a square cake tin with baking parchment- a recipe I found called for a 20x20cm tin, but I say use whatever you have! Make sure to leave excess paper hanging over the sides to make it easier to lift out your slices later.

Place your digestive biscuits in a resealable bag and give them a good bash until they resemble breadcrumbs- this is great after a particularly stressful day!


Melt together your milk chocolate, butter and golden syrup. I did this using a bain-marie (a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water) but you could probably do this in the microwave or directly in the pan- just make sure to regularly stir to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Set aside 12 Maltesers for decoration.

When your chocolate and butter is melted, stir in your digestives and the remaining Maltesers (try not to eat too many while doing this).


Once mixed together, pour your mixture into your prepared cake tin and flatten- making sure that the Maltesers are evenly spread.


Place the tin in the fridge until the mixture is set- about an hour should do it!

Once set, melt your white chocolate and pour it over the mixture, and decorate with the Maltesers you set aside earlier.


Return the mixture to the fridge until set (I left it overnight but an hour or two should be fine if you can’t wait that long).

After the mixture has set- remove from the fridge, cut into squares and enjoy!


Make sure you do try this recipe because these really are amazing! Also, don’t be afraid to mix the recipe up- why not try M&Ms instead of Maltesers, Oreos instead of digestives or anything else you can think of. Do make sure to let me know what you think of these treats either in the comments, on Twitter or Instagram (my username is brakinsop everywhere). Follow my blog to make sure you never miss a post (you don’t need to make an account, just use your email address- which I know you all have). Other than that, I hope to see you here again soon. Goodbye friends!


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